XR Soundscape

At Shaman Sound, we not only create music but strive to participate in the sound revolution by engaging in projects that set new standards.

In our hearts, we carry a desire for the future, and the dreams that guide our actions are immense.

  • + Spatial Audio Design
  • + Immersive Soundscapes
  • + XR Audio Integration
  • + Virtual Concert Sound
Awesome Images
Awesome Images

We want to redefine the sound experience.

We understand that sound is an integral part of reality, which is why we want to actively participate in projects that go beyond current boundaries and shape the future of sound. Rooted in advanced technologies, we aim to explore areas where the art of sound meets innovative solutions. We aspire to merge music with technology and be the voice of the future.

Join us in this exciting journey toward the future of sound. Our dreams are significant, and every sound we create is a step toward our common goal of participating in projects that shape tomorrow.

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We know that...

Every idea begins in our subconscious. Shaman Sound is a space where sound is fueled by creative energy. Our vision is to deliver the best sound experiences, exploring new and exciting horizons in the spiritual journey.

We understand that creating good sounds requires combining technical precision with artistic sensitivity. Our high-quality AD/DA converters and analog recording system incorporates a microphone preamplifier, compressor/limiter, two parametric equalizers, and a de-esser. These elements can be switched between tube technology and FET transistors. We understand the strength of ideas, the impact of live instruments, the innovation of modern and vintage synthesizers, and the creativity in vocal sessions.

We are proud that the work of the main music producer at Shaman Sound, APOLO, has been repeatedly recognized on bigest global sample’s website, such as splice.com, diginoiz.com, landr.com, producerloops.com, adsrsounds.com, bigfishaudio.com and many others. We are pleased that our samples have the opportunity to reach a diverse audience, earning respect among professional music distributors.


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From immersive soundscapes to expert music production, we're here to elevate your projects with creativity and excellence.