Music Production

We customize unique sound experiences for each project.

Whether it's beats or personalized compositions, our team is dedicated to making your musical ideas a reality.

  • + Song Arrangement
  • + Beat Making
  • + Vocal Production
  • + Artist Development
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Awesome Images
Creative Consultation

Sound Production


Mixing and Mastering

We want to redefine the sound experience.

Do u need uniqe tracks, personalized compositions or beats? We're here to meet your expectations. Share your vision, rich in associations and vibes, and we'll go above and beyond to bring it to life. Your creativity is our top priority, and we're ready to tailor exclusive musical experiences just for you.

Shaping the musical structure is a creative process involving composing and molding sounds and instruments. Following this is the arrangement stage, where elements are organized into a cohesive whole. The final steps include meticulous mixing and mastering, refining the song to achieve the desired dynamics, character, and form that resonate with the intended musical vision.

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We know that...

We understand the quality of your productions and that it's a complex process. Starting from the initial idea, through recording, mixing, and up to mastering, each stage influences the final result and the reception of the piece by the listener. We know that the final music production, with all its details, influences the image and success of your entire business. We're here to inspire and support you. Your strength is our shared benefit.

We understand that creating good sounds requires combining technical precision with artistic sensitivity. Our high-quality AD/DA converters and analog recording system incorporates a microphone preamplifier, compressor/limiter, two parametric equalizers, and a de-esser. These elements can be switched between tube technology and FET transistors. We understand the strength of ideas, the impact of live instruments, the innovation of modern and vintage synthesizers, and the creativity in vocal sessions.

Every idea begins in our subconscious. Shaman Sound is a space where sound is powered by creative energy. Our vision is to deliver the best sound experiences, exploring new and exciting horizons in the spiritual journey.


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From immersive soundscapes to expert music production, we're here to elevate your projects with creativity and excellence.