Audio Branding

We specialize in crafting excellent musical atmospheres for your brand, ranging from catchy melodies to unique, high-quality compositions.

Stand out with a unique character — sounding exceptional while also bringing energy and spirit to every aspect of your business.

  • + Sonic Logo Creation
  • + Jingle Composition
  • + Brand Sound Guidelines
  • + Ad & Event Sound
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Awesome Images
Define Sound

Harmonize Essence

Personalize Experience

Elevate Brand

We want to redefine the sound experience.

A strong sound brand starts with a clear idea that mirrors the brand's personality. The melody, theme, and vibe of the composition should match the brand's unique character.

After understanding the company's mission and character, we work on a specific style, frequencies, tempo, and melodies to ensure the sounds consistently bring out the desired emotions in each project. We believe our music becomes a refined element that highlights your brand's uniqueness at every level.

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We know that...

We understand the quality of your productions and that it's a complex process. Starting from the initial idea, through recording, mixing, and up to mastering, each stage influences the final result and the reception of the piece by the listener. We know that the final music production, with all its details, influences the image and success of your entire business. We're here to inspire and support you. Your strength is our shared benefit.

We understand that creating good sounds requires combining technical precision with artistic sensitivity. Our high-quality AD/DA converters, microphones and analog recording system incorporates a microphone preamplifier, DI input, compressor/limiter, two parametric equalizers, and a de-esser. These elements can be switched between tube technology and FET transistors. We understand the strength of ideas, the impact of live instruments, the innovation of modern and vintage synthesizers, and the creativity in vocal sessions.

Every idea begins in our subconscious. Shaman Sound is a space where sound is fueled by creative energy. Our vision is to deliver the best sound experiences, exploring new and exciting horizons in the spiritual journey.


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From immersive soundscapes to expert music production, we're here to elevate your projects with creativity and excellence.