Sinusoidal Rhythm of Life: Human, Technology, and Art

In a world that is constantly evolving thanks to new technologies, there is a constant: the sinusoidal rhythm of life. It is this cycle of returning to our essence that defines our nature as humans and artists. In today's blog, we will explore how new technologies impact humans and their creative process, and why returning to the source is crucial.

Human and New Technologies

Modern technologies change our way of life, work, and creation. However, with technological progress, we often lose sight of our human roots. We can become enslaved by the screen, forgetting that we are the source of creativity and inspiration. Nevertheless, technology can be a powerful tool supporting our creativity, as long as we maintain a balance between its use and our own nature.

Sinusoidal Mode of Life: Returning to the Source

Similar to the sinusoidal curve, human life oscillates between moments of intense activity and tranquility, reflection, and regeneration. In these moments of inner peace, humans return to the source of their creativity. It is then that the most important ideas, inspirations, and works of art are born. Therefore, it is essential not to forget the significance of this cycle and allow ourselves moments of rest and reflection in the rush of daily life.

The Role of Art in This Process

Art has always been an expression of human nature and a way of self-expression. In today's world, where technology is omnipresent, art remains an important aspect of our lives. It is a way to connect with our emotions, experiences, and the world around us. Therefore, even in the digital age, it is crucial to respect and nurture our artistic abilities and our ability to create a direct connection with other people.

Shaman Sound: Returning to the Source

As Shaman Sound, we are aware of the role of art as the driving force behind technology. We believe that these two spheres inspire each other, creating new possibilities and solutions. Therefore, although we benefit from new technologies, we always strive to return to our original sources of creativity. It is in our human existence that the real power lies, translating into our works and influencing the world around us.

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