Challenges and Threats to Copyright in the Era of AI Technology: The Role of Dialogue and Human Influence

In the age of increasing artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry, new challenges and threats arise regarding the protection of copyright. This is a topic that requires attention and action from both governmental structures and the music community itself. As Shaman Sound, we turn towards this dialogue, recognizing that human influence and approach to this issue are crucial for its resolution.

Difficulties and Threats to Copyright in the AI Era

With the development of AI technology, it becomes easier to generate and reproduce sounds, leading to new challenges in copyright protection. There is a risk that original musical works may be copied or modified without the consent of their authors, leading to a loss of control over their own works and hindering their commercialization. Additionally, there is also a risk that artificially generated works may be treated as "royalty-free," leading to a loss of income for artists and record labels.

The Importance of Dialogue and Human Influence

In the face of these challenges, dialogue between governmental structures, music labels, artists, and other stakeholders plays a crucial role. Human influence and approach to this issue are essential for finding a balanced solution that addresses the needs of all parties involved. It is necessary for us as a music community to work together to protect copyright and ensure fair compensation for creators.

The Role of Shaman Sound in Dialogue

As Shaman Sound, we are aware of the growing importance of this issue and commit to actively participating in the dialogue on copyright protection in the era of AI technology. We consider various possibilities and solutions that may help improve the process of copyright protection while maintaining a balance between innovation and creator protection. We believe that dialogue and collaboration are essential for creating a better and more just environment for all artists and music producers.

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