Mix & Mastering

Excellent and transparent mixing and mastering process stands as a vital aspect of creating high-quality recordings. We use high-quality external audio equipment and modern digital plugins, allowing us to precisely shape the sound.

Our approach is grounded in a delicate balance between modern and vintage technologies, enabling us to achieve a distinctive sound perfectly tailored to artistic intentions.

  • + Tracks Mixing
  • + Platform Mastering
  • + Dynamic Optimization
  • + Audio Restoration
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Awesome Images

Getting Your Tracks Ready for the Ultimate Sound


All what you need is provide your tracks in WAV or AIFF format, 16 or 24 bits, 44.1-192 kHz, and without any effects such as compression or equalization. Once in our hands, we take charge of the rest, transforming your mix into something truly special.


Send us your mixed tracks. You can separate instrumental and vocal tracks, ensuring they are in WAV or AIFF format, 16 or 24 bits, 44.1-192 kHz. Keep in mind the volume range, not exceeding -0 dB.

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We know that...

A good mix is the key to excellent mastering. The right balance of volume, frequencies, panning, and reverb is a powerful step towards a master that sounds impressively rich. A well-balanced track in terms of volume and clarity is fundamental in the modern world — it should sound great on the most expensive speakers as well as on a smartphone.

We understand that creating good sounds requires combining technical precision with artistic sensitivity Our high-quality AD/DA converters and analog recording system incorporates a microphone preamplifier, compressor/limiter, two parametric equalizers, and a de-esser. These elements can be switched between tube technology and FET transistors. We understand the strength of ideas, the impact of live instruments, the innovation of modern and vintage synthesizers, and the creativity in vocal sessions.


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